I present special projects here, like photowalks in certain areas, photos taken at workplaces or events.

Visit to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

on the 30.12. I visited the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam with my friend K who is staying in Amsterdam for the New Year. It was very full and we had to wait long time before we reached the entrance. Time to take pictures of people.

first we went to the permanent exhibition since we were not yet ready to face another line for the exhibition of Marlene Dumas - amazing to see some of the originals of the "big painters" like Picasso, Malevich, van Gogh and many others - my intention for photos was however people as you can easily see

we also saw some amazing work from Mondrian (in the photo above)


after leaving the temporary exhibition we had to line up again for the exibition of Marlene Dumas

I was happy that I already saw the exihition `image as burden´ by Marlene Dumas already when it was less busy, so I could enjoy the people rather than finding them a burden


I was not the only one photographing ....

after we left the rich exhibition by Marlene Dumas we paid a short visit to the second part of the permanent exhibition