I present special projects here, like photowalks in certain areas, photos taken at workplaces or events.

painting with light

in the early evenings it is already getting dark ... I got creative with the darkness and started to experiment with long shutterspeeds, it started out with the reflections on the canals of Amsterdam, which get blurred when using long shutterspeed


then I became more experimental and started moving in a circle while taking the long shutterspeed photo, like on the first photo of this article and also below


next step was to move very slowly while also moving the camera at the same time - different movement with camera create different effects

also the different colours of the light - if any at all - create completely different impressions - I enjoy so much that the outcome is sometimes very surprising

but doing it more often helps to be able and the feeling arises to have more impact on the result ... see below Hotel Okura in Amsterdam

the street seen from behind the frontgate of our house

the last photos which look like really spacious I shot from the always well illumunated window from the friend living at the groundfloor in our house

same window but moved the camera in a different way ...

another movement another painting on the photo

I really enjoyed taking the photos, moving and seeing the effect of the different kind of movements, this seems a big field of creativity I feel strongly attracted to explore deeper.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them

Would love to hear what you think