I present special projects here, like photowalks in certain areas, photos taken at workplaces or events.

flock of birds

in the late afternoon short before nightfall I heard the flock of birds gathering in two huge trees at Sarphati Park in Amsterdam before I saw them ... they were twittering loudly and more and more birds were arriving

the trees became heavy with birds and the twitter only increased - then suddenly - silence, all at once, absolute silence

and off they, go leaving the trees alltogether in the same moment - what a synchronicity - amazing!

within seconds they are forming the swarm and circle their rounds above the roofs of Amsterdam

it really has been a pleasure to take the time and watch the birds, gathering in the tree, more and more and then within a split second  - this absolute silence - and off they go - as one .... for me they surely all are one

Free Hugs in Amsterdam on Valentijns Day February 14th 2015

Today I went to Damsquare in Amsterdam to get some Free Hugs and also take some pictures of course. A few people were offering Free Hugs as their signs showed.


It was very interesting to watch the different reactions or should I say responses of the people being offered a Free Hug. Some returned it with joy and a big smile on their faces.

Others used the opportunity for a photoshoot with the "huggers"

a quick hug passing by

and other people preferred to discuss the concept of Free Hugs

and some people really made sure not to run into the way of the "huggers" looking very doubting - nearly painful to watch

the people who offered the Free Hugs were very open and inviting, enjoying and having fun what they were doing and many people simply enjoyed the Free Hugs

national tulip day


Last weekend the start of the tulip season was celebrated in Amsterdam on the Damsquare. There was a big picking garden on the square where 200 000 tulips were waiting to be picked.

many people came to Damsquare and of course the press was also there

The two ladies with the beautiful tulip-hats were the first to be allowed in to pick their flowers after the picking garden was officially opened

many people came to pick their share of tulips which were completely free of charge. everybody got a plastic bag to collect the flowers when entering but many people took more than one bag

some were prepared very well as the boy below

others used the opportunity for an exotic selfie

though people kept on picking it seemed to be a neverending abundance of tulips

with the beautiful weather it was really a very enjoyable event and I am still enjoying the abbundant tulips I took home